pptp chap config

Well I am trying to setup pptpd in Suse 11.4 firewall is disabled and I was having some connection issues but lets start at square one. The chap config file is confusing to me…not sure what goes where…

I have pptp clients that want to access my public static gateway forwarded to the private static ip(suse pptp server)

I am comfortable setting up the networking half but the chap is confusing me.

Maybe someone can give me an example… I have setup chap befor on my dd-wrt but all I needed was a username and password. The client, server, IP addresses options are throwing me off and I don’t know the syntax. Plus would it all go under the Inbound section?

Secrets for authentication using CHAP

client server secret IP addresses


Here you should add your PPP Login and PPP password to connect to your

provider via pap. The * means that the entry(login and passoword may be

used for ANY host you connect to.

Thus you do not have to worry about the foreign machine name. Just

replace password with your password.

#hostname * password


These are user and password entries for publically accessible call-by-call

Internet providers in Germany. If they confict with your config, remove them.



#client hostname <password>