PPPoE/DSL not working

Hello, please help me to resolve my problem. I have installed openSUSE 11.2 (KDE) but I can’t connect to the internet. I have wired internet through PPPoE (DSL). In other operating systems (windows/ubuntu) its only need to input a username and password. But here all my manipulations with DSL/network configuration not helped, KNetworkManager can’t connect to the internet. A few minutes I see ‘Activating’ and then it falls. Thanks in advance for help.

problem resolved :slight_smile:


My name is Sukalyan. I am also having the same problem. May I know how did you solve it? In my case I can see the DSL router from the browser - but cannot connect internet.

Hope to get some help.



Disable IPv6, disable KNetworkManager and use IF-UP (see status on ifconfig), DSL may configured on yast->DSL, not in KNetworkManager