PPC question, two hard drives, dual boot


I have a 773 MHz G4 with 1.5 GB RAM and 2 internal hds, one 40 GB and one 80. The 80 GB drive has three equal partitions, two empty, and I’d like to put Linux (SUSE 11?) on one of them. How do I proceed?

I have Gentoo running on another, almost identical G4, but it has no more OS X on it, just Linux. I might like to put OS X on its second hard drive…how might I do that?


If I understand it well you like install suse
on one of partitions of 80 GB HD.
Is on this drive all ready a OS ?
And if so what are running ?
Making a dual boot or a triple boot is mostly possible

all the best

Yes, there is a Mac OS X installed on one of the three partitions. Each is one third of the drive…so about 25 gig apiece. OS X takes nearly five gig, so there are 20 free on that partition. The other, 40 gig, drive, also has OS X installed on it, and that is the usual boot disk (mostly full of files right now, only about 5 gig free, so no room for SUSE.)

and yes, I’d like to put SUSE there, as an experiment…to compare it to Gentoo, on the other Mac I have. I have had dual boot PCs before, WinXP and Linux (Ubuntu, I think that was, and Fedora Core…5?) but I’ve never had a dual boot Mac before…

Dank U wel, Dobby, tot ziens,


Well I have configure dual and triple boot with different linux distros and win xp but never with a Mac.As fare as I know Mac kernel is Unix , but the file system is not Linux native.
All I know is that linux do recognize it.
Now I use 3 sata drives to separate the distros as much as possible and to speed up the boot time.
Because drives always read and write from the border to inner side
If necessary I change the first boot device.
So making a dual boot with Mac sorry I can not help you.