PPC: Build order of multimedia extras

Assuming this is a hardware based issue…

I can’t seem to find any Packman or other repository packages for my PPC system (eMac 1.25Ghz) running SUSE 11.0. The links for “codecs-kde.ymp” don’t offer me much. I assume that means I need to build as much of them as possible for myself. How can I duplicate the results of that “one-click” installation?

Since the Mplayer codecs are pretty slim, I realize there may not be much for me, but I’m hoping to gather as much as can be had. While I have no trouble building from source RPMs, I was wondering if any one could point me to a list of what to build and the build order for these extra goodies? I’m not familiar with what comes first in terms of dependency.

Disregard. I found the extra repositories for PPC associated with Packman: