Powerline not working anymore after last system update

Yesterday in the evening Tumbleweed got a big update (more than 3 GB). Python3 was updated too.
Now I have pyhton 3.11, and powerline stopped working.

Every time I try to launch it or to configure it, I get various errors, where the most important clue is:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'powerline'

zypper says I have the last powerline release (2.8.3), which is the latest on Github, too.
pip list says that module powerline-status 2.8.3 is installed (and is the only powerline-related module apparently).

Any hints?

Thank you in advance

It so seems my issue is related to this python update too. My python environment just collapsed today after the big TW update yesterday. I have spent a few hours to understand what’s wrong with vscode virtualenv. It’s ‘ModuleNotFoundError’ everywhere. Recreating virtualenv didn’t even fix it.

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