Powerdevil does not control screen until profile is changed

I am running KDE from the KDE Factory repo. I’ve disabled the power management settings in KDE System Settings->Display->Power Control in the hopes that the Powerdevil applet will take over screen power management duties. However, Powerdevil will not turn off the screen unless I’ve changed the power profile beforehand. So only by switching from Performance to Power Save and then back to Performance will Powerdevil actually turn off my screen. Upon reboot, the problem occurs again. The screen will not automatically turn off until I’ve changed the power profile.

Anyone know what’s wrong? I have a hunch that says the Power Control settings (which I’ve turned off) have precedence over Powerdevil upon bootup and that changing Powerdevil profiles “resets” power management to use the power settings that the profile specifies. Is there a way to workaround this?