Powerbook G4 Install From USB DVD Drive

I have a 17" Powerbook G4 Titanium 1ghz, 1gb of ram and a busted dvd drive and want to run Suse exclusively.

Im trying install OpenSuse 11.1 from a USB DVD drive and I am able to sucessfully boot the installer as per the instructions.

Here are the problems:

Firstly the monitor on the mac goes blank, just after i type install and then the white screen appears and then blank.

I countered this by plugging in a external monitor which shows the installer boot process and proceeding installer screen just fine.

After the preinstallation process starts everything goes fine until i get a prompt to insert OpenSuse 11.1 CD1 because it says it can find the repositories.

and this is where I’m stuck i dunno where im meant to the point the installer to i select the dvd drive but it just gives me the same problem again.

A) Is there a easy solution to this?

B) Is there a way to install it from a second partition either directly from the ISO or extracting the ISO?


The exact error reads:

Unable to create repository from URL 'cd:///?devices=/dev/hdc,/dev/sr0

Failed to mount cd:///?devices=/dev/hdc,/dev/sr0 on : Mounting media failed

Sorry to bump again but anyone have a solution for this and or anyone out there running Suse 11.1 on a Powerbook G4