PowerBook G3 DVD Install

I have a PowerBook G3/500 (Pismo). Is there a way to netboot these beasties? I have a bad DVD drive in mine. CDs work OK, but DVDs (of the burned variety) are right out. Booting from a USB DVD drive would be OK, too.


You have a couple of options here…

A Netboot is definitely possible, but beyond my scope…

You may be able to boot from a custom Linux-on-usb setup…I’m sure you can do this with Opensuse, but I have only done it for Debian distros (like gOS, which I highly suggest on a Pismo for easy eyecandy if you don’t need this as a workhorse)

Anyone else you know have a PPC based Mac? You could take the HD out of yours, put it into theirs, and install…then switch HDs back… I have done this numerous times between a PPC based laptops, and it works beautifully.

You can connect to another Mac by firewire, install the OS, but as far as I know, a bootloader won’t install through firewire (anyone?) so You’d have to get to the open firmware mode at bootup and select your boot partition /dev/sda1/linux…something to this effect (but not exactly that)…

Your drive probably is not bad, I was never able to boot from a Lombard/Pismo CD/DVD due to the hot-swappable ability of their drives…

Good Luck!

Is there anything in this link that can help? =>
UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

Thanks for the tips! Not many people around here have a newer G3/G4. Even if they did, I doubt that they’ll let me take apart. Did you say that most G3s don’t boot off DVDs? That sounds about right, from my experience with these beggers.

UNetbootin looks pretty cool, I’ll have to try that out, err… Can the G3 boot off of USB? Firewire sure, but I tried to boot off the USB burner that I have, no luck. Aw, rats, looks like PPC macs aren’t on their list of supported sources.

I think I’ll grab a gOS disc and give that a whirl.


Easily run gOS from a USB flash drive | USB Pen Drive Linux

This is what you’ll want…

Good Luck!