Power problem off screen

Hi, I have very strange problem with my Leap…
When i not work in my Laptop my screen off and then can`t wake up (he is black) i hit the keys on keyboard but not have reaction…
I need to hold power button to shut down and start it again…
This is very bad problem…
What to do ?

I use: Acer Aspire 5750G
intel core i3 sandy bridge
double video - intel and nVidia 520M

Perhaps this problem is due to your hybrid graphics hardware? You haven’t given us a lot to go on, but maybe the following guide will be of help

*Use the appropriate repos for Leap.

This thread may be of further help concerning Leap…

I’ll bump the topic. I have the same problem - after the screen turns off it’s impossible to turn it on again. Only restart helps. The laptop while that time works normally. And there’s no hybrid graphics hardware.

HP Pavilion 17-g182ur, Intel® HD Graphics 520.

Well, the problem is gone after full system update.