Power Management

I’ve done this on 5 different boxes on OpenSuSE 11.2. It did work on SuSE 11.1
After boot powermanagement won’t run on the screen before you have touched the mouse / keyboard
My machines do WOL early to do the backup to another machine and the screens stay on running screen saver (and backlight on) until I touch them, then work normally.
I tried to use dpms instead of the gnome-power stuff. It works normally after touching, but I put it in the startup-session and it does nothing.
MythTV asserts DPMS and GnomePower control which does not work. (The screen blanks in the middle of watching)

I fetched the latest compiz from build-service which had no effect
Any suggestions help or advice (use 11.1 :slight_smile:

Sorry most important, all are AMD-dual-core running 64bit SW.