Power management VGN-AR41L


I have put openSuSE 11.2 x86_64 on VGN_AR41L with KDE. With Windows when the computer enters in powersave mode the LED that corresponds to “power on” starts blinking and the color changes to red from green. In KDE 4.3 (that’s included with openSuSE 11.2) the only thing that happens is that the screen locks and nothing more. Maybe the system enters in power save mode but without blinking LED or maybe it does not enters in power save mode. The same happens if I choose “Suspend to RAM” or “Suspend to disk”.
Any advice?

Looks like it does not go into suspend at all. You would have noticed the penguin falling asleep.

Fedora Constantine does this out-of-the-box without ever installing it, from the Live CD but I do not want to change distribution. I have also read something about apmd but when I searched the packages in YaST I didn’t find anything. I found only something in WebPin but is a module for moblin.

In order power managemenent to play well you need to install the closed source nvidia driver. But after the installation you may have some flickering. Anyway in order to have a fully functional distribution I have installed Fedora 12 Constantine.


Other thinks that play in openSuSE don’t play in Fedora so I have to switch to my old good distro: openSuSE.

Are you doing this from the menu - leave - suspend to RAM?


Just closing the Laptop lid?

I have found the solution. It has to do with nvidia drivers. When I installed the proprietary nvidia drivers the suspend to ram played out of the box. But the nvdia drivers seems to be a little unstable because they sometimes cause some flickering in the screen at random times. The Fedora uses the nouveau driver (not the nv or the nvidia driver) but has other problems so I return by old disto. I don’t know if the flickering has to do with the combination of KDE and nvidia or is something with has to do only with nvidia.