power management not working.

hey guys, i’m running opensuse 12.2 64bit on my Acer laptop.
so with all linux distros i have never had the power management work 100%. the current issue i have is the screen turning off after a couple minutes, whether it’s plugged in or not. i have turned off the screen saver. in power management; A/C power - everything always runs and screen should not turn off, Battery power - display to turn off after 15 minutes.
changing the settings doesn’t seem to work. has anybody experienced this problem or have solutions?
i haven’t bothered with editing the ‘dim’ option because the brightness adjustment doesn’t work. it recognizes that i’m trying to change brightness but physically nothing happens. this isn’t something im concerned about. all i want is for my screen settings to work properly and my display not turn off every two minutes. this happens also if i am watching a video or anything in full screen.
im a daily linux user but im not advanced, so simple terms and help with commands would be appreciated if i need to run them.

sorry if this is confusing lol, early morning. im sure you brilliant linux folk know what i’m looking for.

Have a look at this message, for KDE Users which can work with or without using a screen saver: https://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/hardware/482859-dim-display.html#post2523648, Another option is to set you display to blank in Power Management, but set the time to 360 minutes. It can still blank, but the default would be for a very long wait time.

Thank You,

I am not an en expert but I had a similar problem - are you using ‘yast2 pm-profile’ with ‘powersave’ turned on. When I adjusted this to ‘default’ that fixed my problem.