Power management KDE 4.5.2

Recently I upgraded from kde 4.4 to 4.5.2 … all good so far except the power managment …I can not change the brightness of the screen,I can’t create new profiles and generally it doesn’t keep any change I make … I deleted the config files in .kde4 but nothing changed …
That way battery lasts only 1 hour (new laptop) >:(>:(>:( …
Anyone have a clue about this problem???

opensuse 11.3 KDE 4.5.2 Hp pavilion dv6

Could you change brightness BEFORE the update??

Some powersaving options where removed in KDE 4.5, I think.
There is an old thread about this topic. I don’t have the link but I think
you will find him if you search a little.

yes,I could change everything…new profiles,brightness…

tekos wrote:
> yes,I could change everything…new profiles,brightness…

sounds like you should log a bug against 4.5.2, see:

and back level to what works…

thanks for testing and logging bugs discovered!!

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At the end I dont think its a kde bug…Same problem in gnome…No way to change screen brightness…:’(

You are correct, it is not a KDE-bug at all, monitor-settings are still available for me (KDE4.5.2 from Factory).

In case you use an NVidia-card and have the proper driver installed, you could work around by using the ‘nvidia-settings’ (I am not sure ATI-drivers offer something like that as well).