Power Management is incompetent

opensuse v11.2, linux x86_64
gnome desktop

I have selected to power down the monitor after 30 minutes, and suspend the computer after an hour. It does not work. :frowning:

With Beagle not running (more below), the monitor powers down after 30 minutes as expected. But then later (probably after an hour?) it powers up again and stays that way. Not exactly what I envisioned.

I have removed Beagle from the set of running processes. The process list (“ps ax”) shows Beagle as a serious consumer of CPU time, far more than any other process. (At termination it was at 500:00; the next most hungry process was /usr/bin/Xorg at 10:00. Most barely get over 0:01.) It introduces these problems:

  1. after some amount of system idle time (it is about 5 - 10 minutes) Beagle starts consuming vast wodges of CPU time. I have dual core AMD 5200; both CPUs run up to about 70% usage until I do anything, like move the mouse. Then the usage drops back to the usual 5 - 10%.

  2. When Beagle is thrashing the CPUs, the power management monitor thinks the system is busy. And powers down nothing.

jimoe666 wrote:

most folks remove (or at least disable) beagle…
did you enable it, i thought it was born disabled in 11.2–strange??


If upgraded from an earlier version that was running it, it may have tagged along. One of the many reasons I recommend a clean install.

> most folks remove (or at least disable) beagle…
I killed it.
However, it is started at boot time. Where do I go to remove things at startup?

Just use software management to delete beagle