Power management for docked thinkpad w530

This has applied to all opensuse systems I’ve run since 12.x so a long time.
I have configured my power management settings to disable all actions on the laptop lid switch whether the power is plugged in or not.
I have disabled the lid switch settings in /etc/systemd/logind.conf

These changes have done nothing to change the following frustrating behaviour:
The laptop is on the dock with its lid closed and the power is plugged in.
When I logout it suspends.
When I power it on and login … it suspends again. It will do this several times till I get mad and power it off.

If I open the lid (even while docked with all these options turned off) and close it… it suspends!

So I have to operate with my laptop docked with its lid open. Dust settles on the keyboard and screen, and things get tossed onto it causing accidental keystrokes and mouse actions.