Power management doesnt work after video driver update

I have a HP Pavillion laptop running oS 12.3.
I recently updated the ATI video driver (changed to fglrx, before I was using radeon) and now the power management system doesnt work properly anymore.
After a few minutes of inactivity, it reduces the monitor brightness to 50%, then 10% and after that it should turn the screen off, as it use to do before the update.
But now, after going to 10% it just goes back to 100% brightness.
When I manually try to turn the monitor off with xset dpms force off it does work.
Any advice on how to solve this?

I managed to make it work.
So in order to maybe help others with this issue:
yesterday I installed the laptop-mode-tools and the fglrx_xpic_SUSE123 (32bit) packages and I did aticonfig --initial --input=/etc/X11/xorg.conf
Today when I logged in the power management was working again.
Don’t know what exactly resolved the problem so whatever.