Power down differences between Suse 10.x and 11.1

Hello all
Recently i have upgraded (reinstalled) from Open Suse 10.3 to 11.1

Under version 10.3 i could choose “shut down” and Open Suse

  • Logged out my user account
  • Shut down al running services
  • “sends all running processes the terminating signal”
  • and “click” TURNS OFF the computer (complete power down)

There was no need for me to - manually power down my machine - by pressing the on/off button.

Since installation of Suse 11.1, my machine does not automatically switch off my computer hardware anymore.
On screen i see that it:

  • “sends all running processes the terminating signal”

but the hardware remains up and running?

1 - Is this a result of a change between Suse 10.3 and 11.1?
2 - What settings do i need to adapt to “let Suse turn off my hardware again” automatically?
3 - Which OS services do perform this “hardware shutdown” trick?
Mayby i have turned off one service to many :frowning:
4 - Which bios settings must be turned on to support this trick?

Thanks for your time, assistance and answers

First try this. Boot and choose the failsafe option. How does it shut down from that?