Power consuption WM's

No! No-no-no. I’m not try to challenge the excellent work of Phoronix. lol! I just got interested when I read the tread in the HW section here. So with the necessary tools available…
Server(host): AMD Athlon II X4 630, 3 HD’s and 12GB Ram. openSUSE 13.1(kernel and VirtualBox (4.3.12.r93733). TDP for the CPU is 95W. All numbers was read after 5-7min.

-Boot up and idle
Load 0.00 0.08 … Power consumption (pw) ~90Wh

-started VirtualBox and a WM of openSUSE 13.1 with 2 : DNS, web and Axigen mail server running
Load 0.00 0.11 … pw 90-95W

+start Win8.1 update
Load 0.15 0.37 … pw 92-101W

+start Ubuntu 14.04LTS
Load 1.35 1.74 … pw 110-126W

+start latest Kubuntu
Load 1.61 1.79 … pw 111-135W

Put some work on the the 4 WM’s running
Load 4.04 2.98 … pw 133-148W

At least I was learning something. My basement server is consuming a lot W when i’m sleeping. Even with our considerable low rates for electricity here I start to think.

The big crook was Ubuntu 14.04 but isen’t it well known that at least with VirtualBox the performance sucks! (sorry) It is also noted on the pw (power consumption) in my home test ;).


Wow, openSUSE is significantly lower than the others. Was openSUSE running a destkop environment?

Ubuntu may also be high because there are services running that a lot of people say to just turn off as the first thing (I normally turn off the “include online search results” which helps).

Interesting:\ I have tried with only the greeting/log in screen with KDE, then simple desktop and then I shut down GUI with a init 3 on the openSUSE 13.1 server WM. No change in load or pw consumption.

The load I put on the 4 Desktops WM’s was to start some kind of video (it was (local net) file) and VLC, Youtube, national newspaper flash video and a stream from a Dreambox. As seen the load went above 4.00 and one WM(Ubuntu) start to miss a lot of frames/sound already at the load of 3.00.

As mentioned, the performance is overkill for my needs at home.