Potential for nvidia driver with KMS?

Hi all. Sorry for starting a new thread on this, didn’t quite feel right elsewhere.

(Pre-note: I use a laptop, but almost never AS a laptop, it 99% stays closed connected to an external monitor/etc.)

Well, I’ve got 11.3 going and I am mostly enjoying it. I was thrilled when I noticed that with KMS, I could see the boot process and the other vterms on my external monitor. Sadly, the nouveau driver doesn’t seem to work for KWin/KDE compositing/desktop effects. Additionally, VDPAU was no go.

So, I set the nomodeset option for grub and chanked the KMS option in the sysconfig settings. The nvidia driver now works (along with composite/VDPAU stuff).

That being said… knowing I could have my external monitor work in those other areas of use is really bugging me.

I don’t know much about KMS… is there any process (or if not, foreseeable future) where I could use KMS and the nvidia driver?

Alternatively, and despite my searches, if there is a way to run the nouveau driver with KWIN compositing… please let me know… I can live without VDPAU.

Thanks to everyone for their time and thoughts/responses.


Edit: As a followup, I did find somewhere that changing KWIN settings away from OpenGL to XRender will provide limited functionality. I tried and it does indeed work for some effects, but very slowly.

Doesn’t work the proprietary nvidia driver for an external monitor ? Sure, you cannot use “xrandr” tool, but there are

  • working xorg.conf examples in the wild
  • config utility within driver package from nvidia.com

I think you misunderstand, so perhaps I was not clear… sorry.

My external monitor does indeed work with the proprietary nvidia driver, of course. But since the nvidia driver isn’t loaded until the end of the boot process with X, I don’t see any of the booting up, nor does it work for the other terms (i.e. Ctrl-Alt F1).


  • You would have your external monitor feature using KMS
  • But You have to disable KMS using the proprietary driver nvidia
  • nouveau has some features using kwin compositing
  • but nvidia runs more smoothly!

Do you really need boot infos and terminals on ext.Monitor via Ctrl-Alt-Fx ? Ask yourself.

Need? Oh, no… definitely not. But as a geek, knowing that I COULD have it working is interesting.

Certainly I do not view my situation as urgent, but surely probing the community for their thoughts on potential workarounds/etc is acceptable to you?

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

You just could have asked a short question:
Possible to use KMS with proprietary nvidia driver?

And answer using a non-brainer effort could have been:
As a non native english speaker I love it…

I think you’re a bit off base here, but I do appreciate your response.

My subject seems pretty similar to your suggested question.

In any case… as I said (quite plainly) in my original post, I don’t know much about KMS aside from what it stands for and what result it had on my boot process.

With that in mind, I maintain that my post and my inquiry are both fair and appropriate for this forum. Perhaps you were just surprised by the lack of urgency in my inquiry?

In any case, I am sure you will be ok. I know I am. :slight_smile:

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