Potential Changes to Packman impacting users

There is a thread going on in the Packman mailing list, that will impact all openSUSE users (who use the Packman repository) once the change is implemented.

Users who are interested in having feedback to this, need to post same feedback on the Packman mailing list.

Here is the Email from yaloki which started off the discussion:

Thanks for sharing. Let’s have a proper announcement/sticky when the changes come to effect.

I guess that the impact for us users is that the Packman repository changes its place (URL and/or directory) and may be split into more of them.

I do support Knurpht, this requires a good documentation to be found easily on these Forums.

I like the way Fedora’s rpmfusion is split between ‘free’ and ‘non-free’. Makes the user aware that he is using non-free / patent encumbered / whatever problem prevents it from being fully free… stuff. Whatever scheme Packman maintainers finally choose, could they consider adding a free / non-free tag? It would be nice if someone could forward this suggestion to the Packman list. Thanks.

If you wish to make that suggestion to the Packman packagers, then you need to so so on the mailing list. Guidance on how to join the list is here: Packman Info Page

I see yaloki has now posted here about the Packman repository layout being under consideration: Discussion: new Packman repository layout

… and again to re-iterate, feedback to the Packman packagers on the repository layouts being considered should be made on the Packman mailing list.

Message from Hungary to all openSuSE user:

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