postscript aspect ratio

When I open *.eps and *.ps files using GV, KGhostView, or Konqueror they always appear squished in the horizontal axis. The aspect ratio is always screwed up. Thanks in advance for any help you can lend!

OS: Linux i686
System: openSUSE 10.3 (i586)
KDE: 3.5.7 “release 72.9”

I am puzzled by your problem as I have an identical setup but not the same problem.

The only possibilities that occur to me are that the paper setting is incompatible (mine is set to auto) or that there is some incompatibility with your screen resolution.

hmm…weird. More facts/comments

  1. I can only assume that a problem w/ my screen res would also have a symptom somewhere else but all other programs seem to render images correctly. Is there another way that I can check for a screen resolution issue?

  2. I’m running on a widescreen hp laptop (pavilion zt3340us).

  3. When I use ps2pdf to convert the doc the pdf looks great.

  4. I have orientation and paper size both set to auto in KGhostView, and picking other settings at random does not cure the ill.

  5. This problem affects all postscripts that I’ve ever tried to open. When I open the same files in Windows XP they look fine - not corrupted.

Here are screenshots of the problem. It’s not simply selecting “Fit to page width” in KGhostView. If I select that option KGV won’t even display an image. Any suggestions are very welcome! Please?

Picasa Web Albums - n8_b - PUBLIC ALBUM!
Picasa Web Albums - n8_b - PUBLIC ALBUM!

Changing from “Natural Size” to “Pixel-Based” in gv fixed the problem! I can now view the eps file as it is supposed to look…but only in gv, not KGhostView. I can’t find any similar options in the menus of KGhostView. Does anyone know how to change that option in KGhostView?

BTW, the thumbnails in Konquerer also look good but when the file opens w/ KGhostView in the Konquerer window, it’s distorted.

I found the final solution - see here:

KGhostView Problems - openSUSE Forums