Posts list not visible

Looking through the forum posts today (Install/boot/login) I noticed that the lists of posts and replies for each post was empty although the menu says there are several replies. Also, when I click on the next or previous button below the list box, nothing happens. Anyone else experience this problem?

Screenshot of blank list box:]( also see now that the icons above this message box (for code tags, etc.) are not functioning.

For some reason the list box (original & replies) is empty and the icons above the message compose box don’t function (code tags, etc.)

Although I could view the original posters message, I was not able to view the replies.

After looking further, this behavior occurs in all the sub-forums and the icons over the reply window don’t work either.

You mean like this. When replying. Try using basic skin. See if is different.](

just tried it, all looks okay from here, now…

perhaps it was a transient glitch in server delivery…or maybe in
your browser…

or it kinda sounds like maybe it accidentally offered you the reply
box, and should not have…

i’d suggest you

-log out of the forum

-close all tabs open to the forum

-delete all and cookies in the browser

-close then reopen your browser

-go to this page WITHOUT logging into the forum:

how does it look now? if ok, then log in and see if it still looks
ok…click on “OpenSUSE Forums” at the top, and then try another
forum…everything ok there?


Thanks palladium. Everything working fine now. Couldn’t find anything wrong here. Didn’t get back to it right away since having trouble with the new milestone causing several errors.

No, it wasn’t a skin problem. I checked and had not set that. After a reboot the next day everything working okay:confused: