posting threads and viewing the entries with their replies


with the other forums I have been working with (ubuntu and mandriva) when I post a thread, it is posted in a “public manner”, ie. once I submit the post, I can then view it as it appears on the forum with a menu function such as “view your threads” or something similar. So at first I see the thread with no replies, and progressively I can see how replies accumulate on a tally column.

With the opensuse forum, I seem to be sending my thread to an administrator who then replies. Its therefore a one to one communication rather than a real one to many communication as I thought forums were generally all about.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way of using the opensuse forum in such a “one to many” fashion, and if so what are the steps to follow.



I had to move this thread. Yet another one by you, from the read only area. You will not get replies to a post in a read only area!

In the User Control Panel, there are options for this.

I do not understand quite what you mean. I am to lazy to subscribe to other forums to see how they function. But when you start a thread here in say the Hardware Forum it is readable by everybody on the Internet and all members can answer it.

When you checked in your User Control Panel that you want to be subscribed to threads where you are involved, you are subscribed to your own threads also. And that means that you will get an e-mail when a new post is made to that thread. I do not see any ‘one to administrator’ action in what I described here and what works for me the last few years.