postgresql + plpython under SLES 11 SP1


I am running SuSE SLES 11 SP1 and need to run postgresql with plpython. The only installation discs that the vendor left us are for 10.3. I have installed postgresql via YAST, but plpython has been a bit of a problem as it is not available through YAST. It appears as though postgresql-plpython is the package I need, but it in turn depends on I had presumed that Python-2.7 would cure this, but after building from source using directions found here (./configure; make; make altinstall) I still seem to be lacking this library.

Does anyone have any suggestions for libpython and subsequently postgresql-python. I’m familiar with Linux in general, but not from a SuSE/RPM point-of-view. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

Wrong forum :wink: These are for openSUSE, the SLE forums are at

You can grab a version from the Open Build
Service server:database:postgresql repository;

It’s not supported as such, but should be built with 2.6.

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Er, oops. My apologies on the wrong forum. Thanks for both links.