I need help with postfix. I have a mail server installed on suse 11.1 and configured to receive email from my isp. Initially users where configured on the server and outlook could log in with there credentials and pick mail that was stored there. The system hard drive crashed and a new installation had to be done. Postfix has been installed now i am wondering how to go about with the business of configuring users to access mail because whenever i use outlook it say

“There was a problem loggin onto you mail server. Your Username or Password was rejected. Server response:’-ERR login failed.’.”

How do i configure the user to be authenticated and login onto the server using outlook?

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Postfix is not the server that delivers mail to LookOut! It’s probably dovecot, cyrus-imap or uw-imap. Or maybe qpopper. Postfix is for SMTP, for receiving mail from other servers, or sending out mail. Not delivering mail to mail readers.

So which systems can i use to deliver mail to other systems?

Postfix sends mail to the outside world, but to mail servers, not mail readers.

wabz wrote:

> So which systems can i use to deliver mail to other systems?

As “ken yap” already told you, you need to install and setup either a pop3
or imap4 server.

Selecting one of them (cyrus, dovecot…) will depend on your needs :slight_smile: