Postfix,Ldap and yast

Hey Guys,

i’ve got an odd question.

i’ve installed opensuse11 with ldap and postfix and cyrus imap.
i’ve also got an SLES10 server running for a few years now with a simular configuration.

on the sles10 machine i can add user email aliasses through the user-group ediotor in yast -> /plugin/mailoption menu.
on my opensuse i only have an quota plugin there and even that gives an error like quota not enabled!

Does anyone know were i can download this mail plugin, or how to configure postfix to show the option there…

like i sayed odd question :wink:

figured it out myself :slight_smile:
in user management select the filter to ldap users.
i was editing local users in stead of ldap users :frowning:

now i´ve got the mail options and everything :open_mouth: