When I first installed Suse (a long time ago and on a different computer) It had a very nice feature. It had an option to Restart in Windows without me having to choose windows because Suse is the defaut (and I want it to stay that way).

Anyone know how I can do that or is it not possible for some strange reason, I think it was around version 9.


It (changing the default just for the next boot) can be done by suitable editing of the menu.lst file to use the savedefault and default directives but recent SUSE distros don’t seem to support this from the GUI anymore. If you’re curious, info grub gives you information on how to do it.

What desktop are you using? The option you are talking about appeared for me as default in the KDE3 session manager

I am using the gnome desktop, is there a simple way to change from gnome to kde? I really would like to have that feature.

You can select the session at the logon screen. If you don’t yet have KDE installed, then install it via ‘Software Management’ tool in YaST. Change filter to ‘Patterns’, and select ‘KDE3 Desktop Environment’, then ‘Accept’ to start the installation.

How come this feature isn’t in Gnome? I prefer gnome to KDE. It just odd that one would have something the other doesn’t. The difference should only be a GUI not actual features.


I was downloading what you told me to and it gives me an error half way through the process.

I don’t think I posted on the right topic thread.

In Suse I’ve seen a restart option that lets me restart in Windows or whatever if I choose it. This is from inside the GUI not at the grub screen. Apparently you can do this in KDE and not gnome can anyone shed any light on this?


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Arukas i don’t understand what you are trying to do. Your titles are not descriptive, and your text is confusing.

Please take a look at this wiki … does this do what you want?
Reboot from CLI to selective partitions - openSUSE

With your unprofessional remarks and moving my threads around without understanding what I am trying to say caused to much confusion on this thread.

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First off, I don’t me to be unfriendly, but its hard for when I get irradiated and on internet forums.

I don’t know what the deal is. Last time I used suse, at the login screen or in the desktop, I could restart to another OS without see the aid of the bootgrub. This is a very usefull feature I want and I came to Suse not to find it.

It seems to me no one has even heard of this feature? And acts like it is new. What the deal did this get edited out or something?


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I guess you’ve succeeded. You came here and you did not find it.

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Are your fingers broken? I don’t think any of us understands what the big deal is.
What’s wrong with waiting for the grub screen, scrolling down to the OS that
you want to boot, and selecting it?

[If you’ll just convince me that this is causing you undue hardship, I’ll write
the GUI code to fix it. I can’t image someone who is willing to switch GUIs
just to save those 2 or 3 keystrokes.]



First off, I’m sorry if I had offeneded anyone.

Now, Look, I’m getting fustered here. I want to boot into windows from the Suse DE. So far everything I have been told doesn’t work or is asshatting. (apparently an unclear title war rents moving around but not ass hatting)

Does anyone even know of this feature?

I think I remember seeing this feature before myself.

However, reading this thread it seems like the response is that Gnome doesn’t offer it. I’m a KDE guy myself, so I wouldn’t know.

You could file a bug report with the Gnome devs and ask them to put this feature in.

I’ve started a Wiki page with Ideas for openSUSE 11.1 and there is already a page for Gnome ideas for 11.1.

You could add your suggestion there as well, or open a bug report with Novell.

Ideas/11.1 - openSUSE

I believe this is simple to implement as a stand alone icon on one’s Gnome desktop. I already provided a Link to how this is done Why is GNOME missing features? - openSUSE Forums, … but I did not go the extra mile to explain to apply it to an icon.

I had thought that intuitively obvious,

… but I see now this is not the case, or maybe the idea of a separate icon is very undesirable which is why what I thought was intuitive is being rejected.

Please see the parallel thread on this.
Why is GNOME missing features? - openSUSE Forums

First off, I looked into it more and its seems to not be a gnome thing, like someone explained to me. I installed the KDE and tried it out and nothing there either.

Also I read the wiki page. I don’t want to script it. I could, but that’s doesn’t solve my issues.

You should be able to click restart (in the Suse DE or the Suse Login), and have the option from there to reboot into any OS. I am not looking for a work around. I want the feature I saw and not a substitute.


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