Post installation problem

I have win 10 pro installed on an m.2 ssd and I installed 42.2 x86 64 on a separate sata ssd. I want to dual boot. Following one install guide that I found, I had uefi secure boot disabled during the installation.

Now with 42.2 install finished and secure boot still disabled, I can only boot into linux. No menu or option for
windows boot appears.

If I enable uefi secure boot in the bios, I boot right to windows with no other options.

How can I get the menu for OS boot options to appear? Something with grub?

Any help for this newb would be greatly appreciated.

I’m guessing.

I think you installed opensuse for legacy MBR booting instead of for UEFI booting.

UEFI booting and MBR booting don’t mix.

If you installed opensuse for MBR booting, then grub2 will not be able to boot Windows (because windows is UEFI).

What I’m guessing you did is workable. But you have to switch between UEFI booting and MBR booting in our BIOS settings screen when you want to change operating systems. This is workable, but very inconvenient.