post install takes alot of disk space

so I ended up installing opensuse 11.2 x64 dvd version. I click on computer to look at the sysinfo and I see a huge chunk of space taken right off the bat. 428.3 out of 454.5.(26.2gb) to be exact. Does it save all the packages on the harddrve? Anyway to fix this? or is this normal. Seems a bit much after install.


Come again.

428.3 out of 454.5.(26.2gb) to be exact
How much space is being used out of the 454 that you have?

it says its using 26.2 GB

But what partition have you assigned 454GB to
It wouldn’t be root

Show us a screen shot or post fdisk -l

Here you go, I hope this helps

You didn’t create a separate /home so all user files on that part as well as all installed packages;)
Should have a /home really
The way you have it is Ubuntu style

or you can call it the lazy way haha. So im assuming the problem isnt really a problem?

It’s not a problem
Just most users like a /home they can keep between installs