Post Install Display/Network Problems


I am a complete newbie as far as Linux is concerned, but trying ;). I’ve been posting this problem in the ‘install, boot etc’ mailing list section with no success.

I am installing Opensuse 12.1 on a 500 Gb empty single disk located on a Sony Vaio VGC-JS1E machine. I previously ran Windows 7 on the machine with no problems. After a problem-free intsall of Open Linux, two major problems have occured:

  1. The first problem is that the display is fixed to 1024x768 and is located at x=0, y=0 in the top left hand corner of the screen. To the right and at the bottom are large areas of screen, which are not accessible - the cursor disappears when it is moved into either of these areas. The screen also blacks out intermittently - every few seconds which, I suspect may be a problem due to the refresh rate. The standard resolution for the screen I understand from Sony is 1680x1050 and this does not appear in any of the configuration possibilities.
  2. The second problem relates to the network manager. On startup, network manager is set to start up but does not. Therefore, I have no wireless connection. I did manage once to get it started and successfully configured the password for my home network. But, the settings were not persistent and, on a erstart, the settings were wiped out.

My machine uses an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD video card.

I’ve tried three different installs, one using the boot option ‘nomodeset’. Using the boot option resulted in the small display being moved to centre screen but remaining fixed to 1024x768 and that screen being named ‘default’ and no second desktop available.

On all installs, no possibilities existed to change the resolution/size of the screen.

I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer - I would dearly love to get Opensuse up and running.
Many thanks for your time!

You already have a thread open concerning your graphics:

Please don’t dual post.