Possible to package systemd readahead?

Hi everyone,

I’m really missing the systemd readahead feature since it got removed upstream. It really seemed to work for spinning disks to improve boot time. For example, I installed openSUSE Leap 42.1, which still has readahead due to its older systemd version, and it boots in a nice 18 seconds on my laptop. Then I upgraded the system to Tumbleweed (new systemd with readahead removed) and it now takes 30 seconds to boot. :frowning:

Would it be possible to create an openSUSE RPM of this?

You should submit a feature request through https://bugzilla.opensuse.org


You probably mean “will someone create RPM for you”. If you need it, why do not you use OBS to create RPM? Then when you have tested it and verified that it works and helps you can submit it for inclusion in Factory.

If you have concrete question where to start, you can ask here in OBS/development forums or on openSUSE packaging/factory/obs mailing lists.

No. He should package it and submit request to include package in Factory, not request someone to do the work.

@arvidjaar](https://forums.opensuse.org/member.php/69818-arvidjaar) If I knew how to package this on the OBS I already would have done so. Just yesterday I was trying to build some much simpler packages with already existing spec files, and they all failed. So it is ludicrous to suggest that someone as ignorant as I am try to create a package that patches missing functionality back into a component as important and complex as systemd.

No, it is not. Everyone is born ignorant - nobody is born with packaging knowledge ingrained. We all learned and learn. We all made and make mistakes. If people stopped the first time something went awry, where had we been now?

This is far from the first time. lol! I’ve tried to make OBS work for me many times throughout the years, and there’s always some issue that I can’t figure out.

Well, it is of course up to you, but this site has forum dedicated to OBS.