Possible to install OpenSuse 11 from USB from Windows


I currently have windows vista installed on my machine. I don’t have any optical drive, I have a 4GB pendrive which i can use to boot the system. I now wish to install OpenSuse on my machine, I searched online but i could only find ways to create a usb disk from suse itself. Is there a way to create an bootable disk from windows itself. Please help, its a bit urgent.

Think so not going to be easy, but looks possible, but you’re unlikely to find a straight forward howto.

This is the closest I can find, even they say it’ll be easier with a linux distro… Also you have some smilies to contend with, and a few who have failed trying …

Making Opensuse 11.0 Beta2 Live Usb From Windows - openSUSE Forums

If this is your first introduction then I really can think of easier introductions, this will become easier if you understand the boot process, or even from one linux distro to another I do this frequently(Most package managers have --root(Though never tried with Suse I suspect it is possible)…

In theory I suspect if you can get the ftp iso to boot from the flash pen this would be the easiest yet I still wonder how easy.

I’d do a lot of research into building flash distro’s but many will be linux based tut’s.

Try this (it seems to be hardware, or perhaps mood of Gods, dependent, but it worked for me);

Download live CD image - KDE or Gnome.

Download unetbootin. UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

Use unetbootin to install image to USB.

Delete config.isoclient in root of USB.

Copy config.kde.isoclient or config.gnome.isoclient (whichever version of the live CD you’ve chosen) in root of USB, and rename the copy config.isoclient.

It should, hopefully, now work. If it doesn’t, further hacks are here, where I found these instructions.

How to Make openSUSE 11.1 LiveUSB | Spirit of Change