Possible to convert few mp4 files to DVD?

Downloaded ten mp4 file (approx 200MB each) and tw0 flv (approx 400MB each) from open-yale and wanted to burn them as a DVD to view on the tv.

Using openSUSE 11.2 and KDE4, 2MB ram on a desktop to do this task.

Any good tips on which applicable or links/howto for this task?

MP4 disks are just data disks and they can be placed on a blank dvdrw using K3B. The real questions is, what is the target player you are going to use? Did you want a real menu or something like that? Do you want to play them in a stand alone DVD player? If so, more work must be done. There are several DVD authoring programs around, just search on DVD in YaST Software Management. If you just want to store them on a DVD and use Kaffeine or other player to open them up from a file system, nothing else is required but to copy them onto a data DVD and burn it.

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You will find it in the Packman repo

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