Possible solution for some Atheros cards

I just bought a laptop with an Atheros 9281, it is a b/g/n card. The madwifi drivers from the oss and madwifi repos didn’t work, neither did compiling the latest code from the atheros trunk.

After a lot of gnashing and googling I found the solution that worked perfectly. I read a lot of the Atheros based posts here is hope for a solution. I didn’t see this, so hopefully this is useful.

ath9k - Linux Wireless

After compiling and loading it, I had no idea what the Enabling ath9k was even talking about, but a reboot solved it and all is well. The great thing is that this driver is supposed to be in the 2.6.27 kernel.

Is it possible to get the wifi light working? It is always red. Not a big deal.

Now to wrestle with the sound…

vilanye wrote:
> Is it possible to get the wifi light working? It is always red. Not a
> big deal.

That will require the Atheros driver writers getting the interface
with the RFKILL and LED subsystems done correctly. This is harder than
it sounds due to the RFKILL folks having messed up almost everything.
I think it probably works with 2.6.27-rc7.


You both are way ahead of me technically, but maybe you can answer my two questions. First, my atheros 9281 b/g/n shuts off whenever my Toshiba notebook goes to sleep or is shutdown. Then, it takes tons of work to re-install the driver, find the wireless network and get it running again. Is there something I need to do to keep it from shutting off the adaptor? And second, in the Advanced settings of the driver it only lists 802.11b Preamble. How do I switch to g or n (I’m running an N router on what I understand is a g rated cable system.