Possible packing issue with unrtf

I write to report a possible packaging issue with unrtf in Tumbleweed.

The ‘Recoll’ text search program functioned splendidly in Linux Mint, but missed many files and produced error messages in Tumbleweed. I had installed Recoll (and antiword) via:


and believe that unrtf also was installed at the same time.

I posted a query at open source projects europe – https://opensourceprojects.eu/p/recoll1/tickets/10/?page=0 . (And suggest that the curious visit this link, as it offers the gory troubleshooting details.) ‘Medoc’ traced the problem to unrtf, and showed me how to fix the problem by adding:

export UNRTF_SEARCH_PATH=/etc/unrtf:/usr/share/unrtf

to .bashrc as sourced by ~/.bash-profile . Recoll in Tumbleweed now properly indexed the files in the test directory. ‘Medoc’ suspected an unrtf packaging issue. I thought I should post a message here. I am a new openSUSE Tumbleweed user, and believe that Bugzilla suggested that greenhorns like me post first to these forums.

Thanks for sharing. Since you already found the culprit, a bugreport is the best you can do now. If you also post the export statement, it shoud be easy for the maintainer to fix this.

Thanks for the response, Knurpht. Can you please tell me what I should do to “post the export statement?” That’s a new phrase for me!

I think that simply including the export statement in your post within the bug report is what was meant.

export UNRTF_SEARCH_PATH=/etc/unrtf:/usr/share/unrtf 


Then I’m done! Thanks for the clarification, tsu2.