Possible FAQ entry needed for Spell Checker settings for text being entered

This post has arisen from a side discussion in the “Applications” Forum: <https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/527179-Is-kOrganizer-ical-import-broken-in-42-3>.

The issue is, at least for the case of the Mozilla Firefox Web-Browser being used for entering text into this Forum, for the case of English-Language entries, the spell checking was always US American English and, the question was: “How to change the Spell Checker to British English”.

On the suggestion of “wolfi323”, I tried the “right-click in the text entry window” and ‘Et voilà!’ – installed the Firefox British English dictionary and now the (Firefox) Spell Checker is using “British English” to check my Forum text as I type it in.

So, do we need an FAQ entry related to the “language being typed” issue?

  • Yes, it is a “Browser specific” issue and, therefore, possibly not a simple “one-liner”.

[HR][/HR]W3C has this information regarding the language used to display Web Pages: <https://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-lang-priorities.en>

Firefox. Open the browser settings and the Content tab. Under the Languages heading, choose your preferred language(s) by selecting the language or language+region combination you want from the list provided. Then adjust the order to indicate your order of preference.

If you choose a language+region combination, Firefox will just add that option to your list and you will need to manually add the vanilla language just after it. For example, if you choose French/Canada [fr-ca], Firefox will add just that to your list and you will need to add French [fr] after it yourself.

If you subsequently add French/Switzerland [fr-ch] you’ll need to move it above the vanilla French item.

But, this isn’t really the “language to be checked while typing issue”: it’s the “language to be used when displaying a Web Page issue” – which is different . . .

I doubt this has something to do with the openSUSE forums. When you want your browser to spell check text you type in an input field (it being for a forum, or for whatever), that is something between you and your browser. Thus when you want to configure your browser to your spell check needs, that is fine. And when you found out how to do that in Firefox and you want to tell others because you think it is not easy to find out how to do it, that is also fine. But IMHO it hasn’t much to do with these forums, it will work for the browser regardless of what page the input field is on.

BTW I assume that most readers/helpers here will be US/British English agnostic if it is about the contents of the posts. Much more important are technical exactness and precise descriptions preferable shown by the facts as the computer tells them (and not just conclusions).
Thus it is purely for your own satisfaction that you want to use US or British spelling.