Possible error in 12.2 Update repository

I got these error messages when updating the 12.2 update repository today using this command:
rsync -rlpt rsync.opensuse.org:opensuse-updates/12.2 <<storage-directory>> --delete-after -hi --stats --progress --log-file=<<log-file>> --exclude-from=<<exclude-from-file>>
When I tried to update a computer from this local repository, I got the message that the ‘./repodata/641…primary.xml.gz’ not found on medium
Note I have the repositories on opensuse.org disabled for all the computers because I update from a local repository to save bandwidth.
Here are the error messages from the rsync:
.d…t… 12.2/repodata/
file has vanished: “/12.2/repodata/053774ccea327954f192ae73cfa5633045287b1f35d981c834ab829fcac31cb5-filelists.xml.gz” (in opensuse-updates)
>f…t… 12.2/repodata/4fb21c4a5c57e3417cf41f0f1dabf669a721a53091f349d4e7f0ee31864c6e6c-suseinfo.xml.gz
155 100% 1.48kB/s 0:00:00 (xfer#108, to-check=7/5091)
file has vanished: “/12.2/repodata/9460fd59785af266beba3d67be15ed74e47b027de3cce933b1d0e0f1f5f5f617-primary.xml.gz” (in opensuse-updates)
file has vanished: “/12.2/repodata/97111a2ea84906a77ca59bbf93ca13e0e6364b5933741c9b5fdbcf50f6c6e3f5-other.xml.gz” (in opensuse-updates)
file has vanished: “/12.2/repodata/bfb080f733dc4303ad76fa807537a7e88742752c2b861285e6d192ab025209a9-updateinfo.xml.gz” (in opensuse-updates)
file has vanished: “/12.2/repodata/e410b94b7ab2c29439c432caf666480a78fd4626c80ce9615b4e14958ea49b14-deltainfo.xml.gz” (in opensuse-updates)
>f.st… 12.2/repodata/repomd.xml

Since you refer to 12.2 (instead of 12.3) and you seem to have been proceeding this way already,
one possibility would be that your local repository is broken, or that you have a problem with the hardware of the system with your local repository on it.

Looks like there is something wrong with the local repositories. I have a script to create it for you if you want to try it.

S.L.R.C. - SuSE Local Repository Creator - Version 1.25 - Now for Packman & openSUSE 12.2 & 12.3: https://forums.opensuse.org/blogs/jdmcdaniel3/s-l-r-c-suse-local-repository-creator-example-setup-packman-59/

Thank You,

And please use CODE tags around copied/pasted computer text (click the # button in the toolbar above the posteditor). Many people will refuse to read the way you posted this, because of headache danger :wink: (and probably misunderstanding what is there).

Did a download from rsync.opensuse.org this morning to my repository and now can update to the lab computers from the local repository. Maybe a transmission error yesterday, though one of the repairs was to the update mechanism.
Thank you for your help. James, I have used pieces of your script before and find it excellent. HCVV, I will try to remember to put my coding in the correct format. Ratzi, I have been using local repositories updated from the primaries for 5 years here in Honduras. Very slow connections!!