Possible bug in YAST printer configuration

When I go into Printer from YAST and then into Print via Network, I get this dialog. As you can see, there is no help text in the dialog.


This is a user oriented forum … consider submitting that as a bug.

I wanted to confirm with others if they agree its a bug or if maybe I did something wrong.

Every time I post a bug I get ragged cause I made a mistake. So I try to be careful.

I will submit. Thanks.

You are correct. Getting some confirmation from the forum may help in formulating a good bug report, or even refrain from doing it and thus not bothering the time of the developers.

Yea, the wording on the dialog box is slightly vague.
It’s states, “see the help text of this dialog”.

Personally, I don’t see the “help text”.

There is an extremely remote possibility that the developer of this portion has decided the text,
“A firewall may reject printer …”
… is the “help text” :slight_smile:

(sidenote: been in the software development business for 30+ years, so have experience on both sides of the coin, ie., as engineer and as user :+1: )

You’re right. That could be possible…