Portable repository

Is there any tool like this APTonCD available for OpenSuse so you can create portable repositories to install applications like k9copy or DVD::RIP in a computer that doesn`t have internet connection?

Repositories are portable by default (and if they are not, your package management system sucks). Copying the entire directory containing (i586, repodata, x86_64, etc.) onto a CD, and you got your repo.

In fact, I am using yast.

You can copy the repos you need to a portable hard disk, then burn it to cd/dvd if you want. It depends on what you need to do.

I used to use a portable hard disk for an update repo until I got high speed internet at the house. Ran rsync to the hard disk at work where we had a T-1 line. :smiley:

Here’s a link to a thread showing how to set up a portable mirror: OpenSUSE.us : Setting up a portable mirror

Be warned: the first run with this method could be up to several Gigabytes depending on what directories you want to copy.

Hope this helps.

I am downloading the i586 part of the Packman repository, because I use OpenSuse 11 for x86 and I don`t need the x64, then in yast I will create a new repository from a folder and I will check the rpm only files and select the folder where the files (over 3850) were downloaded, is that right?, two questions, what is the most complete repository available for suse 11?, and what is the difference between the i386, i486, i586 and i686 folders?

This is definitely usefull to install application in remote rural location where there is not internet connection available

Never thought of using Yast for creating a repository.

One word of advice: take another look at the thread I mentioned where I documented a couple of problems I ran into with rsync. One was not setting it to ignore symlinks (it defaults to sending them as files). That caused the number of files to double! Not good.

The noarch directories of a given repo will have some things that are needed also, so don’t forget those. I had the x64, PPC, and some other directories set in rsync’s ignore list too. Those settings saved an awful lot of time on transfers.

You may want to check out the repository mirrors at kernel.org also. They have many common repos mirrored there, and they have rsync connections too.

The main or mirror sites will have the repos for Suse 11, 10.3, etc. since they are usually found on the same site, just different directories.

On the differences between the i386, 1486, etc. I am not certain except that it has something to do with the specific cpu instruction set a program is compiled for. For example, something compiled for 386 will run on anything 386 or higher. Something compiled for a 686 may not. This includes AMD chips as they are Intel compatible.

It would be good that someone with enough skills do this for suse too Download Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon DVD Repository : mypapit gnu/linux blog it is very usefull, you just have to download the iso images and setup the os to use them as repositories in the pc that doesn’t have internet access