port opening with yast and command line


How do you open the port on a given SLES machine ? I am looking at yast soluion but more importantly at a commandline solution.

I am trying to install a guest inside of kvm and the machine does not have ‘X’ on it and it cannot have ‘X’. Since no ‘X’ I have to use vm-install to get the guest OS install.

I tried that and since there is no ‘X’ I dont have a console and I have to connect to the console using vncviewer from outside (aka Windows machine)

For that I have to open the range of ports 5900 to 5910.

How to open the ports using yast and/or command line tools ?

If there is an article or link it is appreciated.


This is a SLES question and should be posted in those forums.

Not here.

But, you can look for your answer in the official KVM documentation for SLES


First of all just because it has SLES in the body does not mean it is SLES specific. No I completly disagree with you and I want this posting to be here. Dont move it. Secondly, I have already read that article and followed it to setup kvm and it is not a kvm issue. Look at the subject line please.

Having said that we can move it where you say but do you have an answer for me ?

If it’s SLES; it’s SLES.

There are quite a few things that are different between SLES and openSUSE, not least of which are different software versions and configuration tools; that’s why you should ask your questions at http://forums.suse.com

This sounds stupid to me. Most of us are openSUSE users only. We have no idea where SLES differs from it or not. How do you think we can give any advice usefull to SLES.

When you are familiar with openSUSE and SLES and thus think it is also an openSUSE question, then please repeat your question while mentioning which openSUSE version you are using having that question.

And no, we will not move this to the SLES forums, because we can not. Like we can not move this to the Ubumtu forums or the MS Windows forums or the Great War forum . It is up to you to search for the correct forum.