Port forwarding to my Suse doesn't work

dreamspy wrote:

> I tried ssh -vvv and got this:
> terminal-macbookpro:~ terminal$ ssh -vvv dreamspy.net
> OpenSSH_5.1p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7l 28 Sep 2006
> debug1: Reading configuration data /Users/terminal/.ssh/config
> debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config
> debug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 0
> debug1: Connecting to dreamspy.net [] port 22.
> debug1: connect to address port 22: Operation timed out
> ssh: connect to host dreamspy.net port 22: Operation timed out
> Basicly just a timeout.
> Are there maybe any logfiles on my SUSE that can tell me more?
> Although I’m not sure how much it will tell me to look solely on SSH
> since it is just about every service that fails to work.

Weird, yes…

Review the log inside the openSUSE box ("cat /var/log/messages | grep sshd)
and also check the logs for the MacBook Pro (dunno where they are located
O:-) ).

What gives the following command “telnet 22” runned from the
MacBook Pro or just executed from another computer in remote?