Port forwarding help

I have forwarded ports successfully in Windows and for game consoles plenty of times with this same router. But I am having difficulty getting it to work in Linux, to which I am a relative newbie. (Mainly I’d like to get it working so Ktorrent will actually seed every once in a while.) I’m hoping you all can help me pinpoint the problem.

I’m using a wired connection (eth0) to my router, a Linksys E1000. In the router I have set aside a reserved DHCP IP for this computer (the router lets me do this based on the computer’s MAC address, so it assigns my machine the same IP every time, in effect making it a static IP despite technically using DHCP, from what I understand) and have set the router to forward the relevant ports for ktorrent (6881, 7881 for UDP DHT port, and 8881 for UDP tracker port) to that IP. I have also set up the Suse Firewall correctly, as far as I can tell: Allowed Services -> Advanced -> add ports to the list. None of this made a difference in ktorrent, and when I checked the ports with this site: Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router it reports them as being closed. It does this for ALL ports I check, whether I forward them or not, whether they are commonly used or random.

I have tried disabling the SUSE firewall and that hasn’t helped, so I don’t think it’s a software firewall issue. I have also tried forwarding different ports, so I don’t think my ISP is blocking those specific ktorrent defaults. And like I said, I’ve used this router before, albeit several years ago and with a different ISP, although I don’t think that’s the problem.

So the way I see it, the most likely culprit is me needing to change some settings in Linux, but I have no idea what those would be. I haven’t touched the network settings at all, aside from opening ports in the firewall, but maybe I should be doing something different. Given that I have the router set up to assign me the same IP every time (which I have tested), the fact that I’m using DHCP rather than a “true” static IP shouldn’t be the issue, right? Or am I wrong about that? (I’m not a networking expert.)


That’s right. It should work with that setup.

Does your router support UPnP?
Then just set up ktorrent to use that, the port redirection should then work automatically.
To do this, click on the Module icon in the toolbar (the second one) and activate the UPnP Plugin.

Thanks wolfi323! That seems to have done it, for Ktorrent at least.