porblem on the skype instal?

Hey, ive been trying to get skype to my suse, but for some reason after its instal and everything i dosent wanna open, anybody happen to know why?

(been a suse user for about an hour now, so plz make it very clear what i should do:) )

If you installed via CD and you are running the 64bit version you are missing some 32 bit libraries. Skype is still just 32bit

Go to Yast online update and install the recommended packages. There should be a bunch.

If you go to the command line (Konsole or Console depending on Gnome or KDE desktops) ant start skype from there it should list the specific libraries you need. But they should be in the update.

YES YES YES :slight_smile: i made it work.

How i did it.

First off you need alot of lib files, so i open my 32bit terminal and look wich file it whined over got it, and so on. 6 files later skype is up :slight_smile:

Gratz… <:)