Pop3 email notifier


please, I have been trying to find any application for emails notification via pop3, more accounts and possibility to preview the email.

Only applications I have found are Kpopassistent but for KDE3 and Kshowmail 4.1 but it doesnt support unicode (or doesnt support my national characters and replace it by iso description text which makes text unreadable)

Do you know any other application which fits?

Thank you,


And do you use openSUSE? In that case you forgot to tell which version

Yes, I use oS 12.2. KDE 4.9.4

Perhaps this one will work?

Hi, thanks for your help but I am not able to install this plasmoid (yast refused). Anyway the last update was done in 2009 and also I am not sure if it allows to preview emails directly from the plasmoid. Optimal application for me was Kpopassistant but no more maintenance and only for KDE3.

And guys (&girsl if any :slight_smile: ), what do you use? You dont monitor your mailboxes in this way?



I believe that, e.g. Thunderbird handles that - why is another application necessary?

Oh no, definitely not, it’s the first thing I switch off!!! HTH Lenwolf

Thunderbird is too robust and I dont need a mail client. I use webmail interface. And also more users for one computer. Of course, each of us could use different user access but we dont use PC like this.
Such small application is for quick overview of mails and quick reading. Nothing else.

I use the Kontact suite with KMail, have never used any notifier. There is another KDE3 package called KBiff, and there is QBiff which I suppose will run on KDE4 (?): software.opensuse.org:

Btw, I just did an install of the mail-plasmoid package and it seems to work fine. I am on KDE 4.8.5 though, but you might find one which is built (if version dependent) for 4.9.x somewhere also?


Did a quick search and think I found another plasmoid: plasmaMailChecker KDE-Apps.org

I did not find it in repo but it was available for download as a plasmoid: add widget > get new widget > download …

there are a number of browser plugins for both firefox and chrome that may do what you want - particularly since you are using webmail.

This one I have tested. The problem is that once you read th email and in the moment it arrives, you cant read it again later. This doesnt fit to me.

I use Opera :slight_smile: Anyway, to have opened browser if you need to monitor mailbox during another activity is not the best way (for me). But thanks.