Poor Installation Performance in openSUSE 11.0

I downloaded the OpenSUSE 11.0 DVD Image and use the DVD to carry out the installation.

So far so good, until, when registering the Software Repository (not yet proceed to Online Update), the connectivity with “download.opensuse.org” is completely rubbish … down to 800 Bps … I almost fall into sleep on my desktop … it takes 2 hours to completely download the content from the aforementioned site even I select to skip the online update.

Oops … I also need to mention, I am using Broadband connection, and wired 100BaseT LAN.

I was happy using Suse since version 8 … till to 10.3, I was kept happy. But 11.0, it is very disappointed.

If the Novell plans to keep majority software repository in the Internet, ethically the capacity of the Servers should be well provisioned.

Yes, download.opensuse.org is hit and miss on bandwidth and has been targeted for upgrades. I and many others use one of the numerous mirrors that tend to be more reliable. A list of these is available at the openSUSE website.

I think you will find it’s the redirector sending you to a dodgy mirror
site, have a look here and pick a mirror that is close to you.

Mirrors Released

and hit the ‘ask our download redirector’ and check they are valid.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
openSUSE 11.0 x86 Kernel
up 6:49, 1 user, load average: 0.52, 0.31, 0.18
GPU GeForce 6600 TE/6200 TE - Driver Version: 177.80

Thanks for the message. I just changed the repository to other location. It works fine but still … I would said this openSUSE 11.0 is hopeless, see below:

  1. when there is an error in the connection to the repository, there is a Window pop-up, but no beep.

  2. Ok, after I updated to the latest level, i.e. Kernel, the boot parameter “vga=0x031a” is not supported. The parameter works fine in the …

WOMBAT - Waste Of Memory, Brain And Time …

I decided to fallback to 10.3

To openSUSE Team: You have a good product before, easy to use, stable and nearly is able to compete with Server Grade OS … I would expect to keep this trend instead of spending effort in those artworks …

So what you are saying is that ~100.000 people who do not have your specific problems should all do without “those artworks”.

I’d suggest you fix your problem.

a) the vga is the standard bootup parameter in kernel.

b) If something work before, and it is critical to your daily tasks, one day, after upgrade, U found it is missing, what do U feel? Just looking at the good graphics?

c) the exact meaning should be: make sure the functionality works 1st, then appearance. users would happy it works even it is a bit urgy. it is quite odd to see users happy on the good artwork but the functionality is a mess … see Vista

Seconded wholeheartedly.

If something is really that critical to a SUSE user, I’d suggest either (a) taking out a support contract on SLES/SLED or (b) brushing up on interpersonal skills should one expect community support after bad-mouthing the distro.

hehe …

I cannot recall I here asked the community to support to recover the function. As an user of open software, if the function is not available from software A, let’s move to other software.

I use openSUSE due to previous experience and found it was good as a server and I really deployed SLES/SLED in commercial sites. If I have no good experience with openSUSE I do not deploy SLES/SLED. The distribution of openSUSE is more than just home-use.

There is a competition in the world. Personally I had seen how Novell see SLES/SLED in the traditional RH sites … very tough, the audiences didn’t bother to try it in a lab environment even it is free …

I expect openSUSE to be good as previous. I am expressing a discontentment of a new version in an open forum. Is not allowed? Should the people here only accept good news?

hm … SUSE forum Komitet Gossudarstvennoi Bezopastnosti is watching me … paralysed :’(

> Kernel, the boot parameter “vga=0x031a” is not supported. x86_64 supports vga=0x31a here.

Hence Cinq-Marquis is right - don’t condemn a distro because something doesn’t work for you.

I specifically checked this evening because I use 0x317 by default. I wonder if the problem is the leading zero you have used?

the boot parameter “vga=0x031a” is not supported.

That should be 0x31A. And, that is a function of the frambuffer driver, not the distro. And it only applies to the text under the boot splash; it is not used for the X server unless a framebuffer driver is being used for X. For now, verify you typed correctly, and if necessary, just change it to 0x317.

Thanks for the message.

In fact, I am using vga=0x031a as a Boot Parameter. This value is kept using since SUSE Linux 9.1 Professional (Note, not openSUSE, it is a commercial product).

This parameter is critical to me. I make use openSUSE as the OS in the Development Server on Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Java and C. There is No X-Server running on it, I only use yast and not yast2.

This parameter enables the console (including tty1 to 6) as a large text-terminal (132 col x 60+ lines). Very good in text-base programming, administration and configuration, and does not slow down the server performance.

It is also the reason I would perfer openSUSE keeps stable so that I can keep using Suse it as Server base OS.

AntLinux Wiki - HowTos/VgaModes

Forgot to mention . . . at the command line, this will give you all the framebuffer resolutions that your graphics device supports . . .

hwinfo --framebuffer