Poor fonts with Nouveau and KDE

I am using KDE as my GUI and Nouveau as a driver for my graphics card. Compared to my 11.2 release the display is very poor when it comes to text.

I am using the standard fonts (Sans Serif and Monospace) at the standard sizes with aliasing set to “System Settings” and no forcing of font DPI.

Something I am doing, or something that is caused by the underlying software? Should I try switching to the Nvidia driver?

Go to the folder /usr/share/fonts/truetype, does it contain Microsoft fonts such as serif, times new roman, arial etc?

I had this problem in m7, I copied the fonts from my windoze partition and ran

su -c SuSEconfig

Everything worked well from then on. Or you could copy your fonts folder from the previous 11.2 installation.

I’m reluctant to reply to this because people can be VERY pickey, very emotional and MASSIVELY subjective about their fonts. I’ve had users complain about FONTs, and then finally get their FONTS working perfectly. When they posted the output which they noted was finally perfect, their FONTS were HORRIBLE in my view. YET when I looked at the FONTS they started with, they were great, and they absolutely RUINED (in my view) some excellent fonts for questionable FONT tuning. Yet they swore up in down it was an improvement.

Concusion: this is subjective.

Still, you could download fetchmsttfonts for openSUSE-11.2, and rebuild the rpm for openSUSE-11.3, and use it on 11.3. You can find fetchmsttfonts in the build service.

The Nouveau driver does not work well on all NVIDIA cards. Fonts are not too good on my laptop using the nouveau driver, though performance is incredible.
You may need the NVIDIA proprietary driver, that should at least give you the very nice font rendering I see every day.

Please let know what the card in your machine is.

  • Might be nouveau kernel mode setting (KMS) related:
    Does KMS support LCD subpixel hinting ?
    If you don’t adapt system setting…

  • Might be - if in Firefox - an issue of non-existing proprietary fonts
    Do you allow substitution of font by website in firefox settings?
    I don’t …