Poor Bumblebee performance


i have a laptop with intel hd 4000 and geforce 640m le graphic cards. Id like to useBumblebee with optirun and primusrun to run games on the dedicated Nvidia card. But the performance is really bad.
My ‘benchmark’ is glxspheres and these are the results i get:

Intel card: ~60FPS
optirun with proxy transfer: ~45FPS
primusrun: ~46FPS
optirun with jpeg transfer: ~130FPS

Optirun with jpeg transfer looks quite good, but unfortunately tha fps are going up and down when playing a game such that its no fun to play.
Why is proxy transfer so slow and why isnt primusrun faster than optirun? Im thinking there must be something wrong with my setup or is it the Nvidia 640M LE? Is the card so slow?

I have this problem for half a year now, tried different kernels, drivers and bumblebee versions and its still this poor result. And it never was any better.

Has anyone else the Geforce 640M LE running with bumblebee? What are your stats with glxspheres?


It’s not an answer, but using

optirun -c yuv glxspheres

benchmark shows a bit lower performance than with jpeg, but much more smooth.

So, maybe it could be the case to use this kind of an image compression.


yes that really seems to be a little smoother, thanks. But its still quite slow in the games.

Nontheless i think i found a solution. This post here Issue: Steam and optirun (bumblebee) :: Steam for Linux Limited Beta did the trick. I created the ~/.drirc file and now i get around 165FPS with primusrun and i can run steam and its games very smoothly. Its really nice, all the games i have are actually playable now. :slight_smile: