PolicyKit asks me for root password to connect to network

I’ve recently re-installed Tumbleweed on my machine, and now I’m experiencing an unwanted behavior that was not present before the new installation.

I’m using KDE, when I boot and logon, a dialog from PolicyKit appears and asks me to provide root password in order to connect to my network; how can I prevent this, and automatically connect to my network at logon?

Wicked or Networkmanager?
Wired or Wireless?

Network Manager, I use the integration with KDE Plasma.

And wireless.

Set the connections type to “All users” ? If so, you also have to set the storage of the WPA key to ‘unencrypted’ , i.e. readable for all users.

…and also select ‘Automatically connect to this network when it is available’ to have it connect at boot.