Policy Kit decides to use a partition

I have upgraded to 15.2 from previous version.

Right after the boot, while Plasma is starting, the policy kit (PolKit1) wants to mount a partition, and asks root’s password for that.

I don’t want that partition to be mounted. There is nothing said about the partition in fstab.

In System Settings -> Removable Storage -> Removable Devices -> Device Overrides, the partition is neither listed to be automounted at login nor to be automounted on attach (all boxes are unchecked in the table).

There are other partitions in the computer, which policy kit does not want to mount.

How can I disable that undesirable behavior of the policy kit? I haven’t configured it in any way.

Your desktop is probably configured to restore the previous setting on startup. And in that previous session, you may have had something open that required access to this file system.

My suggestion:

Configure Desktop → Startup & Shutdown → Desktop Session

and then check the box “Start with an empty session”.

Logout or reboot, and check whether that has solved the problem.

Set a udev rule to ignore it… For example;

cat /etc/udev/rules.d/99-hide-partition.rules


Was already set up like this.

Thanks. After I did this, the policy kit’s agent decided to mount the next partition.
So I blocked a few partitions from being mounted with rules.
Now runs correctly.

(This KDE agent is very persistent; must be on 33.33% commission?)