Podman option for Distrobox?

Is there a way to install Distrobox with Podman instead of Docker on Tumbleweed?

sudo zypper in distrobox gives me no option to choose between Podman or Docker. Docker is chosen by default. If I recall things correctly I got the option to choose between Podman and Docker when installing in MicroOS earlier this year.

It seems to still be the case:

Requires:       (%{_bindir}/podman or %{_bindir}/docker)

May be something changed in packaging of either docker or podman.

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Thanks! If it’s there, is there a way to force the use of Podman during installation?

zypper in podman and then zypper in distrobox ?

Looks like zypper (solver) bug. In solver testcase requirement is shown as

\2fusr/bin/podman | /usr/bin/docker

which does not match /usr/bin/podman. Not sure why it works if podman is explicitly installed. Anyway, it certainly warrants bug report.

I can confirm that this works. When having installed podman I get no option to use docker. Podman is automatically chosen for me and only the distrobox and distrobox-bash-completion packages are installed. Thanks! :raised_hands:

I can certainly file a bug report, but I don’t understand the possible cause of the error as @arvidjaar and you seem to do. I can only describe my experience as I did in my first post.